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Community Outreach

FY2014-15 Budget

The Town Council has approved the FY14-15 Budget and it's available online! Visit the Treasurer's Page to view the Revenue and Expenditure Budgets.

Water Conservation

Lawn watering hours are in effect and can be found on the Water Conservation Page Please remember that watering durring the designated hours helps maintain sufficient water storage for fire protection.


TIP: If the power goes out, the clock on your sprinkler timer may need to be reset. Make sure you check that the appropriate time is displayed. If your timer is equipped with a battery back-up, make sure the battery is OK.


The Town of Stevensville appreciates you cooperation!

Fiscal Year 2012/13 Final Audit Now Available Online

The Final Audit for Fiscal Year 2012/13 is now available online on the Treasurer's page. CLICK HERE to read it.


Did you notice our beautiful window boxes the last time you visited Town Hall? A special "Thank you!" goes to Jan Perrin, Councilperson Bill Perrin's wife. Jan donated her time to plant the flowers and help give the front of Town Hall a little bit of cheer and color. Feel free to stop by and enjoy them with us!

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