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Town of Stevensville

Firefighter Academy
The Stevensville Fire Department participates in the Ravalli Fire Training Cooperative Firefighter Academy. The Academy is held each spring and teaches new recruits the fundamentals of firefighting. When the recruits complete the Academy they have gained a working knowledge of the tasks they are expected to perform and the skills necessary to complete them. Graduating recruits are nationally certified firefighters.
Cadet Program
The Stevensville Fire Department Cadet Program provides the Operational Guidelines and the skills needed for any high school aged student to prepare themselves to become a regular firefighter in any volunteer or career fire department. This program is open to any applicant at least 14 years of age to the maximum age of 18.

Our Cadet Program is recognized by the National Volunteer Fire Council. This makes Cadets eligible for rewards and scholarships for higher education in any field of study they choose, including the Fire Service and other aspects of Emergency Services.

For more information about the Cadet Program, contact Brandon Dewey at

Training Program

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