Committed to community, dedicated to progress.

Town of Stevensville

Stevensville's government can become more progressive, transparent and adaptive to citizen needs. This is the essence of my outlook for Stevensville and the decisions I make every day on behalf of our community.

It is imperative and fundamental that we provide effective and efficient services with customer service that is second to none. Please share with us: How can we better engage people? Are we accountable? Is this affordable?

We want to be a citzen & customer focused government, serving you and enancing the serivices we provide in the following key areas:

  • Public Safety – Restoring public trust in law enforcement and enhancing community safety.

  • Economic Growth & Development – Creating an atmosphere to attract and retain businesses and jobs, building a stronger tax base. 

  • Budget – Promoting long-term fiscal health without undue burden on citizens.

  • Infrastructure – Maintaining critical public infrastructure at an affordable price.

  • Quality of Life – Engaging citizens and improving the quality and character of our community.

While these area's are critical to our success as a community, our focus is to preserve Stevensville's charm, and maintain a community where the people are happy. We are working hard toward that goal. We are a sensible, more efficient operation today as we bring services closer to you, inspire accountability, and save tax dollars.

The work is just beginning, but we know the results will be worth it. You are an important voice as we deliver services we can afford and develop a safe, livable community full of the opportunities that makes us call Stevensville our home.

the Mayor's Office

Stevensville Town Hall
206 Buck Street
Stevensville, MT  59870


Contact Information

Mayor Brandon E. Dewey