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Town of Stevensville

L2050 - 1985 55' Ladder Truck/Quint
R2040 - 1995 Chevy Light Rescue / Ambulance
E2011 - 2012 Ford Wildland Pumper
E2010 - 1993 International Pumper
Station #1
206 Buck Street

Station 1 Houses a type I structure engine, a 55' Ladder Truck, A type 6 wildland engine and a light rescue / ambulance. Stevensville RUral FIre District houses a Type 1 Engine/Rescue and a Type 6 wildland engine in this facility also.

Contact Station #1:
Phone: (406)-777-5271 x111
206 Buck Street

The Fire Departments Headquarters are Located within Town Hall.. This is where all administrative and departmental meetings take place. The office staff consists of the Volunteer Fire Chief and Assistant Chief and a part-time paid Administrative Assistant.

Contact The Fire Department:
Phone: (406)-777-5271 x106

Facilities and Apparatus

Stevensville Fire Department

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